EcoClimate Lab at AGU 2015 Fall Meeting

Come check out what our lab has been up to at this year’s Fall Meeting in San Francisco!

Professor Abby Swann will present twice:

Tuesday, Dec 15 @13:40 in Moscone West 2010: “Diagnosing Drought in a Changing Climate”

Thursday, Dec 17 @9:45 in Moscone West 3011: “Land Use and climate change interactions in tropical South America”

Elizabeth Garcia presents Monday, Dec 14 @9:30 in Moscone West 2004: “Large-Scale Forest Die-off in Temperate versus Tropical Regions: Comparison of Local and Global Climate Effects”

Check out Greg and Marysa’s posters:

Marysa Lague, GC23I-1205. Tues Dec 15 from 1:40pm-6pm in Moscone South: “Progressive Mid-latitude Afforestation: Impacts on Clouds, Circulation, and the Global Energy Budget”

Greg Quetin, A33J-0307. Weds Dec 16 from 1:40pm-6 in Moscone South: “The Statistical Relationship Between Remotely Sensed Vegetation and Climate for the Last 15 years is not Reflective of the last 30 years”


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